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Bamboo, Baby’s Breath, Monstera, oil paint, resin on panel
30” x 24”

Kimiya Denise Factory:
“I've always thought of my being drawn to certain plants as a universal tie to my ancestors, who guide and love me through this life's journey. Bamboo reminds me of my ancestors' navigation of white supremacy and oppression in the way a bamboo's roots twist and weave through the rocks it propagates upon. Baby's breath reminds me of an abundance of eternal life for freedom fighters - the way the baby's breath grows vast in a weed-like abundance, but almost remains immortal in its still appearing to be white and dainty, even weeks after being picked. And finally the Monstera, with a strong name, and a unique leaf print - a plant of many messages, but never married to one pot, or one bed of soil, with roots that reach to wherever the Monstera sees fit.

Each of these plants remind me that life is abundant, and that I have ancestors with generations of love rooting for me in every breath that I take, while I advocate for those who can no longer breathe. My life is for them.”