WORKS > Maiz Protest Signs

Bridges Not Walls
corn husks and ribbon on foamcore
17 x 20
No Hate, No Fear
corn husks and ribbon on foam core
32 x 22
No Fascist USA
corn husks and ribbon on foamcore
18 x 30
Water is Life
corn husks, popcorn, and ribbon on foamcore
20 x 25
Her Body, Her Choice
corn husks, beans, and ribbon on foamcore
22 x 30
Gentle and Kind
dyed corn husks, decorative flowers, and ribbon on foam core

Discolored, Misshapen, Broken
Solo Exhibit
Presa House Gallery
San Antonio, TX

The threats of our current political situation have resulted in a loss of faith in government for many of us. Through chant and ritual, we can gain a new faith in the people and the power we collectively hold. In creating decorative protest signs, I fuse art and activism and mark a chapter in time of our contemporary civil rights struggle.