Suzy González
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Discolored, Misshapen, Broken
Over time, I have learned that broken beans should not be discarded from the pot, but should always be included because they make the broth richer and more flavorful. I’ve realized that the discolored or misshapen beans do not lessen the flavor of the pot; they don’t take over either. Beans, like people, should be judged by their contributions, not by their appearance.
Luz Calvo and Catriona Rueda Esquibel say that “Cooking a pot of beans is a revolutionary act,” and I say that we are all needed for the revolution.

The threats of our current political situation have resulted in a loss of faith in government for many of us. Through chant and ritual, we can gain a new faith in the people and the power we collectively hold. In creating decorative protest signs, I fuse art and activism and mark a chapter in time of our contemporary civil rights struggle.