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Sunflowers, Roses and Nopal skeletons from Yadhira’s garden, oil paint, resin on panel
30” x 24”

Yadhira Lozano:
“Roses have always been part of my garden from my youth to now. Any kind of rose has always thrived and bloomed in any kind of circumstance. Their beauty goes without saying, my favorite have been purple roses, but white and pink are just as pretty.

Sunflowers represent life. They’re bright and follow the sun from sunrise to sunset. without sunflowers we have no bees. Without bees we have no food. They’re also extremely hearty, live a long cycle, die off and come right back each spring.

Nopales have always been part of my upbringing whether in the kitchen as food or in my grandparents yard in Mexico. They represent culture more than anything but also survival in tough times. They, too, are hearty and always come back to life after a freeze or an accidental chop both of which have happened to me.

These plants survive and thrive regardless of circumstances, weather, accidents, or human error. They bloom and look absolutely beautiful. I try and do the same.”