Paintings > 2020-2021

dyed corn husks and acrylic on canvas
36" x 36"

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Original NFS

Self-Care looks different for everyone. The isolation cause by the pandemic has had its moments of difficulty but also of self-reflection. The collective grieving of life before COVID but also of the passing on of loved ones has left many of us hurting. We are all experiencing the pandemic, but are each affected differently. Finding a balance in community care and self-care to support ourselves and those around us is a means of survival. This figure is made up of sacred maíz, and embraces themselves in a cosmic setting. As the two faces come together, a complete face can also be seen. This image serves as a reminder that to care for ones self should not be a radical act, but a universal right; that our ancestors did not resist for us to neglect ourselves. Hopefully one thing we take from this journey is an awareness of our needs and how to greater care for and balance our physical, mental, and spiritual health. We are all sacred and all have a sacred purpose that requires care.