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Watching: Tomate
Watching: Tomate
Acrylic and corn husks on canvas
12" x 12"

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What are the good things that have come out of this year? I am delighted by the amount of people who are finding home in their continued or newborn interest in plants. We each have a connection to plants, but if it has been lost, we are always able to find it again–to remember. Every culture has ties to plant food medicine that has helped us thrive for generations. Having a conscious relationship with the earth allows us to reconnect and to recall that she gives us life, and to care for her in return. These paintings are dedicated to those who are feeling a need to instinctively put their hands in the dirt in times of struggle, to embrace plant medicine, and to know where their food comes from. Gardening, a natural act of harmonizing with the land, is now seen as a radical action. It encourages new economies, plant based consumption, spiritual reclamation, and compassion for our planet. Nuestra Madre Tierra sees us, welcomes us, and acknowledges our actions and our growth as we reclaim this knowledge, opening doors for compassion and healing in this world of destruction.