Paintings > 2020-2021

Condense (Cloud)
Condense (Cloud)
Acrylic, dyed corn husks, and oil on canvas
40" x 30"

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This triptych (Rain, Sun, Cloud) personifies the cyclical nature of water and our human relationship to the elements. It reflects waves of emotions, growth, and change that each person goes through in a day, a year, or a lifetime. The sun shines on the earth, evaporating bodies of water, and this might reflect nourishment or renewal. Then the water vapor forms into clouds through condensation, with feelings of fullness–perhaps satisfying or overwhelming. Finally, the water becomes so heavy that rainfall occurs through precipitation, signifying grief, release, or even joy. And then the process repeats. When we look at our climate today, we know that these processes can be elevated to treacherous levels, and that we are in need of balance. I made this work during COVID-19 quarantine whilst thinking a great deal about plant medicine, mental health, body awareness, and the continuous violence enacted upon people of color and the planet. We are not separate from nature. What lessons have we forgotten that she has to teach us? It’s time we make ambitious moves towards compassion and healing in this world of destruction.