Suzy Gonzalez
2017 Exhibitions

Fight or Flight
The Painting Center
New York, NY
Opening June 22nd

Peace de Resistance
Arthouse NYC
New York, NY
Opening May 7th

Aqui Estamos y No Nos Vamos
Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
San Antonio, TX
Opening March 25th
Artist Plática May 12th
Closing May 26th

19th Latino Art Now! Auction and Exhibit
MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana
San Jose, CA
Exhibition: Wednesday, April 5 - May 13
Auction: May 13

Sister Solidarity II
The Movement Gallery
San Antonio, TX
March 11 - March 31

Discolored, Misshapen, Broken
Presa House Gallery
San Antonio, TX
Opening March 3rd - March 24

The Sexual Politics of Meat
The Animal Museum
Los Angeles, CA
February 25 - April 30
Artist Panel February 26th

Mix ‘n’ Mash: XOXO
Mexic-Arte Museum
Austin, TX
February 10 - March 5

Mestizx Nation
The University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT
January 26 - March 10
Lecture January 26th

United We Are One
Plaza de Armas
San Antonio, TX
Opening January 19th
Artist Panel March 31st, 12-1pm

Nasty Women Art Exhibition
AP Art Lab
San Antonio, TX
Opening January 14 - January 21

Picture Perfect
Lancaster, CA
Opening January 13th

Knockdown Center
New York NY
Opening January 12