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This image features artists local to San Antonio, who work towards social change in their practice and in their lives. At the top left are Crystal Arias and Mary Agnes Rodriguez, who were the lead artists with San Anto Cultural Arts, on these two murals, located at Herbolaria La India. The top right features Son Queers, a group that explores the queer experience in Son jarocho music as a means of healing, expression, and resistance. The bottom left image is of graphic designer Isabel Ann Castro and writer Natasha Hernandez, whose zine, St. Sucia, exposes what it is to be a mujer in contemporary society. Lastly, a child planting seeds leads the way to our planet’s hopeful future, despite the challenges that may come with growth.

U.S. Department of Arts and Culture
Artists Unite for a Green New Deal
U.S. Department of Arts and Culture
Artists Unite for a Green New Deal

"Concerned about the climate crisis?
Is it especially overwhelming to think about when our communities are constantly under attack?
Are you eager to connect with others who are thinking strategically about how to address climate change?
Want to bring your creativity to the cause, but not sure how to begin?
Join us for “Artists Unite for a Green New Deal”—a summer call series for anyone looking to get informed, inspired, connected, and engaged.
The Green New Deal is an ambitious proposal that flips our fear of climate change on its head—a proposal rooted in a broad vision of social, economic, and racial equity that turns this emergency in to an opportunity to revitalize our own society and infrastructure, build the foundation of true sustainability, and address longstanding inequalities.
As artists and cultural workers, we know it’s our job to envision the better world we know is possible—and to invite others to help bring it into being. Join the USDAC for a three-part series of calls with artists, organizers, and thinkers to unpack the policy and science behind a Green New Deal, and to co-create cultural strategy for climate justice.
Take part in shared learning that can lead to shared, creative action!"